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Boohai Red Ale, Crazy Mountain Brewing Co. Edwards, CO: Several new breweries have popped up in Colorado over the last year. None has impressed me as much as Crazy Mountain. Their Mountain Living Pale Ale has become a staple for me. I buy at least a sixer of it a month. More than any other beer I regularly drink. I’ve sent cans of it to friends on both coasts. I love that beer. So when I saw the Edwards brewer had released a new brew, I just about jumped out of my Chucks to grab it off the shelf. And on that note, let’s pour!

Deep reddish-amber, the crystal clear liquid shows no signs of carbonation. Not a bubble one. The head that tops it is three fingers tall, dense and frothy. The cream colored cap recedes slowly, leaving thick patchwork lace as it does. Anyone who’s been reading Brews & Barres for even a short while should know that sex appeal rates very high for me when it comes to beer. The way great food can nourish the eyes, I think great beer should encourage ocular intoxication. Boohai, were I to use a rating scale, would get a 10 out of 10 here. This is one sexy brew.

Upon plunging the old schnoz into the glass, I am greeted with profound piny hops and rich, malty toffee that are quickly replaced by the bright fruitiness of wild berries. As it breaths, heavy notes of spicy grains take over and almost define the bouquet. The can suggests I will find notes of Sauvingnon Blanc grapes. I am not versed enough in wine to identify that, but there is immediately a tart character that I would associate with dry white wine. Juniper and subtle tropical fruits as well as crackers and a fruity, berry finish complete this smooth, silky ale’s performance.

What can I say? Another fantastic beer from one of my favorite breweries.

  • 4 January 2013
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