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Cocoa Porter Winter Warmer, Tommyknocker Brewery Idaho Springs,CO

 I usually pick up a porter on a whim and that’s just what happened here. I was pacing indeciesevly before the craft beer cases at my favorite liquor store and when my eyes fell upon the attractively understated packaging of Tommyknocker Cocoa Porter, I snagged a six-er and headed for the counter.

 Once home, I appropriately cranked the fireplace, put a Wes Montgomery compilation on the turn table and poured myself a glass of this espresso beauty. Not the least bit translucent with a sturdy cream colored head, this is a seductive beer.

 The bouquet is quite complex for a porter. One immediately detects cocoa and honey. There are nutty and fruity notes in the background and just a hint of the expected smokiness.

 The taste is equally satisfying. It starts malty sweet and finishes with a chocolaty bitterness that clings to the tongue for several seconds, which is appreciated as lack of flavor is the reason I tend to shy away from porters and stouts.

 This beer is much more aromatic and flavorful than any vanilla porter I’ve tried. As the name suggests, it goes great on a cold evening. The Wes Montgomery is recomended, but optional.

  • 27 November 2011
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